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• I was raised by a superhero single mom of 7 who migrated all the way from Abuja, Nigeria to raise her family in Anchorage, Alaska. I wouldn't be anywhere near as fearless as I am today if I hadn't watched her choose to be brave.

• I didn't start sleeping in a bed until I was 16. Before then, I slept on the floor and was grateful because that safe space was better than the shelters and homelessness we lived through. Every day I wake up in a bed I'm reminded of how far I've come.

• My faith in God and God's grace is 100% responsible for everything I've ever built or accomplished - my journey is a testament to God’s existence.

• Building a beautiful life with my husband (together 6 years), my 9 year-old stepson and my 2 dogs (toy poodle and bull mastiff), and giving back what God has given to me - this is why I do what I do.

• My reporter name while working for CBS News was Charlo Greene. During that time, I went viral for quitting live on air and became responsible for legalization in Alaska.

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