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The Hair Industry is over

The Hair Industry is over

by glenda walter 30 Oct 2022

So the hair industry is not over because of the recession. That's something that is hitting every business, every industry out there. The hair industry has been over for a really long, really, really long time because of things like this: 

  • roach attacking me at Pana Hair Doll Salon, three hours into the appointment when she started someone else's head, and this is six hours after our original, so this is nine hours. She moved it six hours, had me sitting in that chair for three more hours. Roach attacked me. It was time to go.
  • Or this scab you see on my forehead there that Crackinassdev gave me when he came back from his two hour long break while I was in his chair. Too high to know that he was brushing the baby bangs in too hard and it ended up ripping off a piece of my skin, leaving a scab. I own a skin care company, by the way.
  • Or I could tell you about the time that I sent over a thousand dollars in bundles to IamJonathan so that he could repost it. He was supposed to put it on Asian doll. He ended up tagging another company. And then ghosting us. The point of this video is to talk about a lesson.

Every entrepreneur in every industry can learn about what is happening in the hair space, what people that are in the hair industry can do to survive what we're gonna call the hairpocalypse when the people have said, enough is enough and the world economy is tanking, there's a whole compound thing that's gonna be happening here.

I spoke to my connect out in China and he said the entire industry is already down 50 to 70% across the board. They haven't even announced a recession here. When I told him they hadn't announced him, he was like, “What?” We're gonna get into that. All right, let, let's just dive in. 

 We're doing this Q and A style, so this is for Janay from Houston who wrote, “You really just started a skincare business and forgot about your hair business.I knew you were fake.”

You know what's funny is Janay is one of the people that is causing this whole hair apocalypse because you see on your screen, these are tens of thousands of dollars in chargebacks. I own one of the largest full sale hair companies in the United States, probably in the world. Most of my clients are black entrepreneurs.

They know this is a black owned business, and they intentionally go out of their way to try and scam me. Jana has run two chargebacks, so the reason I've been gone is you. And that's the reason people are speaking out more and more because we are tired of being treated like we are inconveniencing you to pay you hundreds of dollars to copy and paste.

You're not washing hair, you're not giving any tips. Our hair isn't actually growing in these protective styles. And the styles are lasting shorter and shorter lengths of time. So we're paying more and more money because you have to keep up this lifestyle because for whatever reason you've decided you wanna be an influencer more than you wanna be a person of service.

You're in the service industry, hair stylist. That is what it's supposed to be. But we have this new generation of stylists that have decided that because they service celebrities, they too should be treated like celebrities. Everyone should be paying what the celebrities pay for these hairstyles and, and that's just what it's gonna be.

And that shift in business when you go from focusing on the customer to focusing on yourself, that is the beginning of the end in every business and in every industry. You can see that. Again, when you look at Blockbuster, you remember when we used to have to go and get the VHS tapes, and if you turned it in late, then they would charge you a bunch of ridiculous fees that were more than the original cost.

And if you didn't rewind it all the way, and it was like, don't you have full-time employees to be doing this stuff? A bunch of different penalties. So inconvenient. Someone else stepped in and that was Netflix and the rest is history. 

So like I said, I was speaking with, um, one of my partners out in China. He was talking about how they had been in a recession in the hair industry. Ever since the STEMI checks hit, there was a spike and it's just been on a decline consistently since then. Now when you throw in the fact that China is experiencing their, and all here is from China, period, point blank, if it isn't grown in China, it is grown off of people's heads in India and then taken to China to be sown. China does the best weaves and that just is what it is. So when we're talking about something that, not just the hair industry, but the world economy, depends heavily on China and they're experiencing their first recession cuz credit wasn't a thing back in 2008.

This is something else that we talked about. I was like, “well how was it in 2008? How long did it take you guys to recover? This is how long it usually takes us”, just sharing all of the stats. And he was like, this is the first time any of them have gone through anything like this. So they're at a point where they are parking military trucks in front of banks, not allowing people to go and withdraw their money, which is, it's giving great depression. When there was a run on the banks and the banks didn't have any money, and then there was this huge panic, and then a bunch of trust was lost, and then it was just, it, it was really, really bad. So how do you prepare? Because in every situation where there are losers, there's always a winner.

And every shift in the economy where people lose wealth, there are people that gain wealth. It doesn't just disappear into thin air. So how do you make sure that you are on the winning side when this recession finally ends? 

One: you got to level up your level of service. If you are in the service industry, you have no idea how the littlest bit of professionalism, do you guys not understand? Hair Stylists. People that did hair in the black community were the first people to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship and it be a viable option. Why? Because no one else was willing to do black people's hair. So, that wasn't, if you set up a restaurant they saw you get, then they would bomb it. When it came to the hair stuff, they were like, “Well, we're not gonna do that. You go ahead and do that.” And so the first black millionaire was made in the hair industry. Madam CJ Walker, this is her legacy. Wash your hair before you come. You know, the majority of people, and I went to esthetician school, they teach you a little bit of, about hair and nails and all of that stuff. You know, most people don't know how to effectively wash their hair.

That's why you are legally required to in most states, if you are a licensed stylist. In fact, if you see someone telling you that you need to wash your hair, go ahead and screenshot that. You can send that to the health department and they can answer to them. There needs to be a level of accountability and we're just not seeing it. 

If you guys aren't gonna hold each other accountable, then maybe it's up to us, the people that are paying these exorbitant amounts of money and being disrespected every step of the way, maybe it's up to us to hold them accountable. 

I'm not sure if the Health Department cares about what's happening in the urban hair industry in your area. Probably not. So you need to bring these issues to them because it's not okay. I don't want you doing my hair, if you don't know how to keep things; if you don't understand the bacteria that is growing in someone's scalp and why you need to clean that, then maybe you shouldn't be practicing on people's heads.

Maybe this is why after everyone has been wearing years of protective styling, everybody's still bald. Maybe this is why everybody is still ball headed because they're putting the bacteria from one girl's scalp to. I know she's not sanitizing those phones that she's scratching into your head with departing.

I know she's not putting it into any barber side. I haven't seen that at one of my beautician's places that I've been to, not one. And I've only ever had my hair washed once. Guys, I own a multimillion dollar hair company, the biggest, get my hair done all the time. I've only had my hair washed once. Out of all of my appointments. If you knew that your nail person wasn't cleaning their tools and cleaning the bowl between, you would report that.

So why are we not doing that in our community? Let's raise the bar. Let's help. Let's help the industry raise the bar on itself. Let's help the industry raise the bar on itself. Now, if we are talking about what you can do to position yourself as someone in the hair industry that comes out in a winning position at the end of this recession, let's start with leveling up the service.

All right? That's number one. Offering a wash because that's your, you gotta do that. So just getting back to, just getting back to basics. All right? Give some tips. Help your person be like; we don't want to be totally dependent. Give us some tips on how to take care of our natural hair. If you don't want to spill the tea on how we can do the cut, copy and paste things ourselves, then teach us, empower us.

That used to be what it was about. They would send you home with some recommendations, maybe some products. This is what you need to do. This is how you need to sleep. This is what I said. What happened with, what happened with that? And you don't even have to stock up on all these extra things. There are a bunch of different ways that you can offer these products and extra things that you know your end customers are going to need.

So the two tips that I'm gonna offer to help you survive this hair apocalypse are both based on you recentering your business around the end consumer, your customer, your client. All right, So that first one is leveling up the service to at least the legal minimum. The wash. The wash, maybe some hair.

Maybe brush up your skills so you can offer a trim so that their hair is actually growing in that protective style. If there was one stylist I had been to and could tell that my hair was doing better after the install, I would go back. I would be back at that place. That has never happened, so use the fact that you have all of this information.

Cosmetology school is not easy. You have all of this information that you know can help your client, so stop just cutting, copying and pasting and actually empower. They're coming to you and they're spending hundreds of dollars, hundreds of dollars. The least you could do is empower them so that they can take care of it.

Some tips, some product recommendations. Something. All right, so that's number one. Reentering around the customer and leveling up that service. 

Number two, to make sure that you are maximizing your, I don't know if it's considered client lifetime value. So that's the amount of money that you make per customer.

Instead of just offering the service, make sure that when people are reaching out to you, if you have one of these things that's like DM me before you book or text me when you, when you do book or whatever. Go ahead and let them know. This is where I suggest you get these bundles from. This is how many bundles I suggest you get.

You don't have to just send them to some other company. Understand, if I'm trusting you with my hair, I'm trusting you with your recommendation for the hair I can buy. You can either start your own hair business or you can partner with a company like mine that will drop ship to your customers, to your salon directly.

You don't have to hold any inventory, You don't have to invest in having a warehouse and doing fulfillment and stocking up. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to hold the kind of inventory that we do. So we cover all of that because we have our own hair business and other businesses that I created so that I could provide a resource for service providers to do what they do best.

And number three, if you don't have to buy inventory, do not buy it in the hair space, especially if you have the option of working with a company that will dropship for you or ship items to you directly or to your salon without you having to invest in inventory in a warehouse and a workforce or anything like that.

But now's not the time to be tying up any of your money in things that aren't going to immediately make you more money, and that you don't have to tie it up into. If you don't wanna build your own website, we can cover that. If you don't wanna hold your own inventory, you don't have to. We take care of all of the hard things.

So if you want more information on how you can sign up for that free program, go ahead and check out the resources in the description below. And in my next video, we are gonna be talking about the economy at large. I'm shifting my content so that we cover a wider range of things so that I can help more people through this recession.

That's why I'm back. I've been away building another million dollar beauty business. It's Koko Rose Beauty. So I've learned a ton. I've learned a lot since I've been away, and I look really, and I'm really, really excited to be sharing that with you. So if you wanna know what I am doing in my business and in my life about the recession, then make sure that you watch this next video.

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